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Need Help? 1-800-424-4724

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About Rhythm Band Instruments

Rhythm Band was born over 50 years ago from a need for elementary music classroom products, and we are proud to continue the tradition that we helped define. Since 1961, Rhythm Band Instruments has been a part of music education magic: bringing quality, innovation, and tradition into classrooms around the world.



Innovative products bring new ideas and allow imaginative learning. Note Knacks®, ElMusEd’s digital timeline banner and BLB Studios animated video DVD series come from the creative minds of experienced educators around the country.



Rhythm Band has always been about quality. Our products are designed by musicians and made to last. Aulos Recorders are the highest quality student recorder available. Rhythm Band’s Boomwhackers®, Kidsplay HandBells, and our newly improved Canto soprano recorders speak to our dedication to bringing you quality classroom music products that also work well in the church, therapy and home settings.



Tradition lies in the simple “Rhythm Band” instruments that gave us our name. Hand out a pair of rhythm sticks, a tick tock block, and a triangle and immediately you have your own rhythm band.


At Rhythm Band Instruments, quality, tradition, and innovation are words to live by.

Through this dedication, we have gathered the best team of clinicians, educators, musicians, and customer support staff. All here to serve you. Experience for yourself RBI’s dedication to customer support and satisfaction. Contact one of our dedicated support staff at or 800-424-4724..


“Thank you to the many music educators, therapists, school administrators, parents and enthusiasts that have shaped this company. Without you, we would not be here today. We appreciate your business and loyalty.”


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