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Analisa Salinas Byrd
Music Specialist
North East ISD
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About Analisa Salinas Byrd
Analisa Salinas Byrd is a firm believer in education. She is from a family of educators and has dedicated her life to music education and bringing a quality musical experience to the children she teaches. Analisa has been an elementary music teacher, kindergarten through fifth grades, for 9 years. She now teaches for the North East Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas at Steubing Ranch Elementary School. Her degrees are Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (2001), Bachelor of Arts, Music Education (2006), and Master of Arts, Educational Leadership and Administration (2012), from the University of Texas in San Antonio. She holds Orff Levels I, II and III, completed in 2009 at Trinity University in San Antonio, Tx. She has learned more from the children she teaches than in all her formal education and continues to grow as a teacher everyday. As a music teacher, Analisa knows the importance of acknowledging all learning styles in effective instruction. She developed Magnetix to address all learning styles specific to recorder instruction. Analisa is a professional flute player and instructor and greatly values the use of visuals to aid in instruction of note names and fingerings. Magnetix engages all the learning styles through its use of color, ease of reading, ease of manipulation and its ability to adapt to any methodology of instruction. Analisa is committed to bringing quality resources to the classroom, along with lesson plans and engaging ideas for children. She sits on the textbook adoption committee and the Scope and Sequence committee for North East ISD. She also works with South West ISD during the summer months for their Fine Arts Academy. Analisa works as a consultant for Rhythm Band Instruments at the Texas Music Educator Association.
Analisa's Recommended Products
Boomwhackers - Chromatic Set
Found in most elementary music classrooms and music therapy programs around the world, these affordable, color-coded, tuned percussion tubes provide an opportunity for any age and ability to experience success making music. With no limit to the creative learning process, students can feel the joy of learning and experiencing rhythm, pitch and movement while having fun! This set consist of the 5 Chromatic notes in a scale (the black keys on a piano) and combines with our Diatonic Set (BWDG) to form a full chromatic octave of 13 notes. It also creates its own pentatonic scale, which has a pleasant sound on its own. C#,D#,F#,G#,A#
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Music Magnetix Complete System
Music Magnetix are large, colorful magnetic visuals and assessments for teaching recorder, solfege and note recognition. Created by Analisa Salinas, elementary music educator in Northeast ISD, San Antonio, TX. The RFA includes the single recorder fingering assessment only. Additional items sold separately
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ChromaNotes Chromatic Resonator Bells (set of 13)
ChromaNotes 13 note Resonator Bells contains the full chromatic range from C-c and share the same color template as the Boomwhackers tuned percussion tubes. Line bells up to play solo, or separate them for use with small groups. Each bell is attached to a unique tube-shaped base for great resonance, sustain and a deep, rich sound. The set is flexible enough to be used in classrooms as an educational tool, or at home for the sheer fun of making music!! Comes in a convenient, durable carrying case and 6 pairs of mallets for multiple players. Age 3+.
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Blog: Analisa's Blog
3 Things Teachers Can Do in July/August
Posted by Analisa Byrd on Jul 20, 2017
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A Music Teacher's Top 3 End of the Year Survival Tips
Posted by Analisa Byrd on Apr 24, 2017
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Professional Development
2001 BA Psychology University of Texas at San Antonio
2006 BA Music Education University of Texas at San Antonio
2012 ME Educational Leadership University of Texas at San Antonio
2008 Level I Orff-Schulwerk Trinity University
2009 Level II Orff-Schulwerk Trinity University
2010 Level III Orff-Schulwerk Trinity University