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Animated Boomwhackers Vol 1

for ages 4-6
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Capture a child's imagination with music, movement and Boomwhackers! This unique video is formatted to be played in a standard DVD player or projected from a computer. It presents 15 Boomwhackers activities for early childhood (ages 4-6). The material was written and produced by Bradley L. Bonner at BLB Studios. Brad is a thirty-four year elementary music teaching veteran. He published the first ever Boomwhacker activity book for teachers and students, the BOOMWHACKER BEAT BAG, in 1999. Brad has included his most motivating and successful lessons in his animated Boomwhackers series. The animations help to make the activities accessible to interested class leaders and music substitutes, as well as professional music educators.


  • - 15 animated lessons on Boomwhackers
  • - Great for ages 4-6
  • - Played on a standard DVD player or projected from a computer

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- Dr. Barry Bittman