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Boomwhacker Gift Set

Give the gift of music with this popular bundle!
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Purchase two of the most popular Boomwhacker products together to bring the gift of music to any age and ability. This set includes the BWDG, Boomwhackers diatonic set, consisting of eight color coded plastic tubes are cut to the exact length to create the pitches in a diatonic scale: c to c or “do,re,mi,fa,sol,la,ti,do”. The sound is created by hitting any surface: a chair, the floor, your other hand…. Lots of room to get creative! This is an excellent introduction to rhythm and pitch with fun bouncing characters that keep even the youngest learners engaged.


  • - One BWDG diatonic set
  • - One FMPB "Play Boomwhackers" DVD set.

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Playing music reduces stress and has been shown to reverse the body's response to stress at the DNA-level

- Dr. Barry Bittman