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January 5, 2011

Fort Worth, Texas

Rhythm Band Instruments, LLC celebrates 50 years and adds sales staff:

Rhythm Band Instruments, a leader in music products for early childhood and elementary music education, celebrates 50 years in 2011. The company was founded by father and son team of Woods and Tommy Moore (Tommy also founded International Music Corp, and was a pioneer in offshore guitar manufacturing) in order to service the needs of elementary music teachers. Led now by Brad Kirkpatrick, who entered the music industry with International Music in 1985, the company continues to provide quality product and value added service to its customers. According to Kirkpatrick “Rhythm Band is proud of its heritage with music education and thrilled to be celebrating 50 years in business. We are also very excited to be bringing in two top notch sales executives to better serve our U.S. and foreign customers. “

A thirty five year industry veteran, Bob Fogle joins Rhythm Band as Director of Sales. Bob began his music sales career after high school in 1976 as a retail associate for The Music Store in his home town of Racine, WI. After a short stint in the banking business after college in 1984 he became a District, then Regional Sales Manager with Gibson Guitars and Pearl Drums in Nashville, TN

In 1994 Bob took an assignment with A.M.I.C. (Akai, Jackson & Charvel) as V.P. & National Sales Manager in Fort Worth, TX and in 2001 returned to work with Yamaha’s Pro Audio and Combo Division in northern California. Bob will be personally working with Rhythm Band’s key accounts and leads the inside sales and customer service team as well.

Fogle indicated that he is “very excited to be working with Brad Kirkpatrick and the entire team at Rhythm Band selling legacy percussion instruments that promote early childhood development and music education worldwide”.

Contact Brad and Bob at:



Rhythm Band Instruments aquires Whacy Music.

December 1, 2009
Fort Worth, Texas based Rhythm Band Instruments LLC, announces the acquisition of Whacky Music Inc., of Sedona, Arizona. RBI has taken over manufacture and worldwide sales of the popular Boomwhacker line of products. RBI will also be the exclusive US and Canadian distributor of Chroma-Notes™ Composer software which was also developed by Ramsell and is expected to reach the market place in early 2010. RBI will also distribute the English language version of Chroma-Notes Composer to Whacky’s foreign distribution network.

According to RBI president Brad Kirkpatrick, “Rhythm Band is extremely excited to be able to acquire Whacky Music. Boomwhacker tubes have developed such a special place in music education, recreational music making, and even mainstream music performance and recording, that we feel this is a tremendous boost to RBI’s already significant product offerings.” Kirkpatrick also commented, “I have a great deal of respect for what Craig has created and we are proud that he felt comfortable turning over the reins of his company to the team at RBI.” With RBI’s established brand and strong reputation, and with Kirkpatrick’s extensive international music products manufacturing and distribution background, Ramsell felt that RBI had the essentials that he was looking for in order to service Whacky Music’s distributor and dealer network throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia.
Ramsell will continue to promote the Chroma-Notes color scheme, which is the basis of the note-by-note color pattern of Boomwhacker tubes, through his company, Chroma-Notes LLC.  In addition to Chroma-Notes Composer, Chroma-Notes Stick-Ons will be available soon as well. These stick on labels utilizing the Chroma-Notes color scheme, will make it easy to color-code existing instruments such as pianos, steel pan, xylophones, etc. with the Boomwhacker colors. Rhythm Band has exclusive worldwide distribution rights for the Stick-Ons product in addition to the software distribution rights noted above.
“It was time for me to pass the torch.” states Ramsell. “I want to express my heartfelt thanks to everyone that supported the success of Whacky Music in any way, and I’m confident that Rhythm Band’s market presence and the team they have in place will bode very well indeed for the future of my musical creation.  I’m also very excited about these important new product introductions and am confident they will add strong support to Rhythm Band’s success as the proud new owners of the existing Whacky Music product line.”



JANUARY 17, 2008, Fort Worth, TX – Momentum Capital Partners has partnered with industry veteran Brad Kirkpatrick to acquire the assets of Fort Worth, TX based Rhythm Band Instruments, Inc. Kirkpatrick has 22 years experience in music industry management and has worked actively with RBI for eight of those years.

“Being associated with this 46 year old company has been the highlight of my career. The fact that RBI has not only existed but thrived for this long made this decision an easy one”.

The retirement from RBI of Bob and Laura Bergin had made for some speculation on the future of the company. Brad goes on to say, “Keeping the core team together was of utmost importance. The entire staff has been retained and this will ensure the same level of service to which our customers have become accustomed.”

The partnership of MOCAP and Kirkpatrick provides for strong financial stability and a renewed excitement for product development.

Rhythm Band Instruments has been providing top-quality products and service to music educators throughout the United States and many other countries since 1961.
Rhythm Band Instruments, located at 1316 East Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth, TX 76102, can be reached by calling 800-424-4724 or Fax 800-784-9401. Their web site is www.rhythmband.com.

Momentum was formed in late 2004. The principals of the firm have extensive experience financing and operating small to mid-sized privately owned companies in various industries including broadcasting, manufacturing, business services and specialty finance. The firm is in the business of owning large minority and controlling equity positions in privately-owned companies. Capital is deployed for a variety of growth, acquisition, recapitalization and ownership transfer purposes with high quality owners and managers of small to mid-sized businesses throughout the country. Most often, structured investments range between $3 million and $8 million.

The Momentum Plan I employs a sophisticated and nontraditional structure consisting of annually renewable commitments from accredited investors and an alignment of the economic interests of the Plan’s managers and its investors. The Plan’s size has been set to allow Momentum to make an aggregate $15 million of new investments per year. Momentum intends to make two to four investments per year in companies in a wide variety of industries.