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Sound Explorations Kit

Perfect for a Pre-K Classroom!
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These sound explorations, using a variety of rhythm instruments, are designed to build those auditory skills essential to reading and other academic achievements. Games and creative activities are used to motivate students to learn. Students are invited to create and evaluate solo compostitions and conduct small percussion ensemble works. The correlation between memorized auditory perception and academic achievement is very high. The activities outlined in these materials are designed to increase memory and auditory listening skills thus aiding the students in learning. Kit includes the following: set of 4 finger cymbals, 2 triangle sets, 2 tone blocks, 2 pair claves, 2 pair rhythm sticks 2 double jinle taps, 2 pair sand blocks, 2 tambourines, 2 pair maracas, 2 guiros, 1 Sound Exploration Booklet. Items of equal or greater value may be substituted.


  • - High quality rhythm instruments for up to 20 students
  • - Explore a variety of sounds while having fun!
  • - Instructional booklet included

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Playing music reduces stress and has been shown to reverse the body's response to stress at the DNA-level

- Dr. Barry Bittman