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Note Knacks Full Classroom Set

Five sets of NK1 Note Knacks manipulatives and a set of 25 lesson plans that cover Preschool through Second grade

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This set includes 25 lesson plans that cover the program from preschool to second grade. Because there are 5 sets, teachers are able to utilize Note Knacks as a whole group activitity, a center or as a small group activity. As with all Note Kacks sets, students start by understanding long and short, then move on to saying the colors in rhythm and eventually move to reading and writing conventional notation. The blocks and frames make this transition fun and simple! By providing children with a physical representation of the length of sound and silence in music, children are able to create an infinite number of rhythms that challenge their minds and increase their capacity to learn, building a strong musical foundation. The NKT5-includes 5 Sets of the following: One (1) whole note (front) - whole rest (back) , Two (2) half notes (front) - half rests (back) , Four (4) quarter notes (front) - quarter rests (back) , Eight (8) eighth notes (front) - eighth rests (back) , Sixteen (16) sixteenth notes (front) - sixteenth rests (back) , Three (3) time signature frames representing 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 and 1 carrying bag


  • - 3 years worth of lesson plans
  • - Utilize as a whole group activity
  • - Small group activity or as a center
  • - Hands-on learning tool
  • - Instills meaning behind conventional notation
  • - Complements traditional music methodologies
  • - Teaches notes and rests simultaneously
  • - Self-correcting frames in a variety of meters
  • - Inspires children to learn from each other
  • - Applies to individual
  • - Small group and whole group classroom environments
  • - Provides for quick and easy assessments

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