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Patrick Lollis
Founder of ElMusEd
Elementary Education Specialist, Rhythm Band Instruments
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About Patrick Lollis
Patrick R. Lollis teaches elementary music on a 1:1 STEM campus in Texas. He is the founder and moderator of the weekly elementary music Twitter chat under the hashtag #elmused, as well as the Elementary Music Edmodo group. Mr. Lollis has presented district, regional, and state level workshops for TCEA, TI:ME, and TMEA on technology, assessment, and differentiated instruction. He holds a BME and MM in Choral Conducting from Oklahoma State University, where he studied with Dirk Garner and Jerry McCoy. His heroes are Fred Rogers and John Feierabend. Mr. Lollis tweets under @canmaestro and blogs at
Patrick's Recommended Products
Boomwhackers - C Maj. Diatonic
This C-c diatonic set is the starting point for all of your Boomwhacker activities. Found in most elementary music classrooms and music therapy programs around the world, these affordable, color-coded, tuned percussion tubes provide an opportunity for any age and ability to experience success making music. With no limit to the creative learning process, students can feel the joy of learning and experiencing rhythm, pitch and movement while having fun! Set includes all 8 pitches from C to c on a diatonic scale (white keys on the piano).
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Aulos 3-piece Student Soprano Recorder
This NEW student recorder by Aulos has the most beautiful tone, rich volume and clearest sound for a price most students and schools can afford. With a curved windway and concave bell at the footjoint, this high quality student recorder is carefully designed for successful use, accurate intonation and ease of playing and response in all registers. Ivory color with a vinyl bag and a fingering chart. A great choice for any student of any age!
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