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Aulos "Concert" series Soprano Recorder (ivory)

Higher quality soprano recorder from Aulos, the world's leader in recorders for over 60 years!
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Aulos 3-piece Soprano Recorder with baroque fingering. Carefully designed for successful use, accurate intonation and ease of playing in all registers. Ivory color. Even response in all registers. A great choice for any student of any age!


  • - Beautiful tone
  • - Rich volume
  • - Clear sound
  • - Superb voicing
  • - Patented double joint permits smooth joining with no air leaks
  • - Constructed of strong high-class ABS resin
  • - Lifetime warranty against plastic breakage
  • - Detachable thumb rest
  • - Includes C# and D# holes
  • - Ivory color
  • - Includes zipper carrying bag
  • - Fingering chart and cleaning cloth and rod

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