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Moving On w/ Soprano Recorder

Focus student attention on the exact point of instruction using animated music notation!
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Harness the teaching power of animated notation for beginning soprano recorder players in MOVING ON WITH SOPRANO RECORDER. This material was created for general music classes and individual independant study. The right hand notes D, E, and F# are added to the B, A, and G notes that players mastered in the first book of the series; GETTING STARTED WITH SOPRANO RECORDER. Players learn to perform these notes using the included twenty page text*, performance and practice CD, and sixteen animated video lessons. Animated DVD lessons bring music notation to life, syncing visual cues to motivating audio accompaniments. The digital lessons focus on playing technique, practice exercises, theory lessons, and performance repertoire. Trios and duets suitable for beginning players are included to encourage ensemble development. Permission is granted to make a single copy of the DVD lessons to a personal computer. This offers the user powerful navigation tools and the versital ability to speed up or slow down video and audio instruction without changing the pitch of the accompaniments! *Teachers are also granted permission to copy the scores and theory lessons from the included text for students under their direct supervision. A single purchase price of $21.95 can serve the learning needs of a small class to a school-wide inclusive curriculum.


  • - 16 animated DVD lessons focus student attention on the exact point of instruction
  • - 20 page text including technique/ practice exercises/ theory lessons/ repertoire
  • - 21 track audio CD with motivationg performance and practice accompaniments
  • - Permission is granted to copy the text for students under direct suppervision of the purchaser
  • - A one time copy permission from the DVD to a personal computer is granted for personal use
  • - One purchase of $21.95 serves the beginning soprano recorder curriculum needs of any sized school

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