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Rhythm Clock Classroom Set

Regular Price: $199.95

Special Price: $179.95

Set: includes 5 sets of Rhythm Clock + 1 DVD.
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This cross-curricular/STEAM learning tool is perfect for arts integration into any classroom! Combine music with geometry to reach learners of all types!

The base board depicts compass directions, clock face, and key on the back. The wooden, manipulative pieces are color-coded to the Note Knacks, and display note/fraction/degrees on one side and the corresponding rest/percentage on the other side. You also receive a DVD of sample rhythms to get your students started on rhythmic compositions.

The Rhythm Clock set includes: A cloth carrying bag, clock face board, 1 whole note/rest, 2 half notes/rests, 4 quarter notes/rests, 8 eighth notes/rests, 16 sixteenth notes/rests, and a DVD of sample rhythms.

Set: includes 5 sets of Rhythm Clock + 1 DVD.


  • - - Wooden board with compass directions/ clock face/ and key on back
  • - - Wooden pieces display note/fraction/degrees on one side and rests/percentage on the other
  • - - Note Knacks colored pieces
  • - - DVD of sample rhythms
  • - - Cloth carrying bag
  • - - Suggested Age 8 and up
  • - - Great for STEAM/cross-curricular lessons!

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