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Note Knacks Cushion Set

Explore length and color with our huge cushions in Note Knacks colors!

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Like to get on the floor with your kids? Explore length and color with our huge cushions! They are ideal for your youngest learners to sharpen their observational skills that will help them later understand conventional notation relationships! set includes:One (1) whole note (front) - whole rest (back) (8' x 1'), One (1) half note (front) - half rest (back) (4' x 1'), Two (2) quarter notes (front) - quarter rests (back) (2' x 1'), Four (4) eighth notes (front) - eighth rests (back) (1' x 1'), Four (4) sixteenth notes (front) - sixteenth rests (back) (6' x 1')


  • - Each cushion is the same color as its Note Knacks Student Set counterparts
  • - Perfect for your youngest learners
  • - Ideal for students with special needs
  • - Hands-on learning tool
  • - Sharpens observational skills

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