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Note Knacks Dots and Beams set

Teach advanced rhythms with the Note Knacks dots and beams extension set!
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Ready to take the next step? These notation blocks are proportionally correct for advanced rhythms, including various beamed eighth and sixteenth combinations, dotted rhythms and 3 additional time signature frames for 12/8, 9/8 and 6/8. Includes: One (1) dotted whole note (front) ヨ dotted whole rest (back), Two (2) dotted half notes (front) ヨ dotted half rests (back), Four (4) dotted quarter notes (front) ヨ dotted quarter rests (back), Four (4) dotted eighth notes (front) ヨ dotted eighth rests (back), Four (4) dotted eighth barred to a sixteenth notes (front) - quarter rests (back), Four (4) 2 barred eighth notes (front) ヨ quarter rest (back), Four (4) 4 barred sixteenth notes (front) ヨ quarter rest (back), Four (4) 1 barred eighth to 2 sixteenth notes (front) ヨ quarter rest (back), Four (4) 2 barred sixteenth to 1 eighth notes (front) ヨ quarter rest (back), Four (4) 3 barred eighth notes (front) ヨ dotted quarter rest (back), Four (4) eighth triplets (front) ヨ quarter rest(back), Four (4) quarter triplets (front) ヨ half rest (back), Three (3) time signature frames representing 6/8, 9/8 and 12/8, 1 carrying bag


  • - One set accommodates up to 2 small groups of 5
  • - Barred notes are same color as NK Student Set counterparts
  • - Rest colors are same as NK Student Set counterparts
  • - Hands-on learning tool
  • - Instills meaning behind conventional notation
  • - Complements traditional music methodologies
  • - Teaches notes and rests simultaneously
  • - Self-correcting frames in a variety of meters
  • - Inspires children to learn from each other
  • - Applies to individual
  • - Small group and whole group classroom environments
  • - Provides for quick and easy assessments

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