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Note Knacks Magnet Set

Use Note Knacks on a larger scale with the magnet set!

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Our magnets are double-sized (the whole note is 32" x3") and brilliantly colored so that everyone in your classroom can see clearly! They are ideal for any class, especially for beginning band and orchestra classes! Each magnet is also color coded like the Note Knack Tiles, so that when you say the color, you say the rhythm! Older students will feel empowered that they are able to read easily! Includes 4/4, 3/4 and 2/4 time signature frames and 31 magnetic notes and 31 magnetic rests. 65 pieces. (Board not included.) Set includes One (1) whole note, One (1) whole note rest, Two (2) half notes, Two (2) half note rests , Four (4) quarter notes, Four (4) quarter note rests, Eight (8) eighth notes , Eight (8) eighth note rests, Sixteen (16) sixteenth notes, Sixteen (16) sixteenth note rests, Three (3) time signature frames representing 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 time.


  • - Each magnet is the same color as NK Student Set counterparts
  • - Perfect for large classes when whole group instruction is necessary
  • - Teachers are able to use while students are in small groups using Note Knacks Student Sets
  • - Hands-on learning tool
  • - Instills meaning behind conventional notation
  • - Teaches notes and rests simultaneously
  • - Self-correcting frames in a variety of meters
  • - Provides for quick and easy assessments

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