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Western Art Music Timeline Banner 7' X 10'

The Western Art Music Timeline of Composers is a beautiful, full-color resource connecting the lives of 94 great composers to geography, art, history, literature, science, and technology. The banner comes in three sizes, and includes teacher access to the digital timeline, six 12” x 18” small-group timeline cards, and 23 two-sided question cards.
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Adding this beautiful and durable full-color banner to your classroom will have students asking to learn more and more about the great composers. Each composer’s lifeline is color-coded to the map in the center of the banner. Each period and decade of history is clearly marked, and the bottom of the timeline is filled with colorful icons representing great works of art and literature, historical events, scientific discoveries, and technology. The banner comes in three sizes: 3’ x 5’, 4.5’ x 7.5’ and 6’ x 10’. With your banner, you will receive teacher access to the fully interactive digital version of the timeline. Every period, composer, country, and icon is a link to more information. Bring the timeline up on your projector or interactive white board, and begin exploring all of the timeline’s connections digitally. Each composer’s digital page includes an audio pronunciation guide, embedded videos of live performances, a short biography, and dozens of links to more information. Each banner also comes with six 12” x 18” small group timeline cards, and a set of 23 two-sided question cards. Simply point out a composer whose music you have just experienced, hand out the cards, and watch your students become experts in minutes! Student tablets can also be activated, allowing them to scan the QR code on the banner and access the interactive digital timeline.


  • - 94 composers color-coded by country
  • - Periods and decades clearly marked
  • - Full-color map
  • - 88 links to art
  • - Literature
  • - History
  • - Science
  • - And technology
  • - Six 12” x 18” small-group timeline cards (also sold separately)
  • - 23 two-sided question cards
  • - Teacher access to the interactive digital timeline
  • - Inexpensive activation of student technology (no subscription!)
  • - Durable vinyl banner with grommets for easy hanging

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