Day 2 of my PBuzz Adventure


Exploration: I started today trying to see if I could remember how to consistently hit Do (F) in tune. I think this flute player did ok, but I wonder if children will be as successful. I can match pitch and maintain the relative pitch of what an F sounds like so I think that helps because I can hear the note in my head before I produce the sound. I wonder if children will intuitively do this or if I’ll need to call attention to it. I continued to explore the different sounds the PBuzz could make and discovered I can hit slightly above the C, but not below the F, which makes me sad because I would like a full C scale.


Celebrations: I can play Hot Crossed Buns! And in tune, I might add! I keep mentioning intonation because I am honestly very worried that my students will not play in tune. On recorder, I finesse intonation while I teach. I don’t let them play with wrong air speed, recorder angle, and improper hand position, knowing that this will all lead to my 25 fifth graders all playing the high C on recorder in tune. On PBuzz I struggle with intonation and I know the children will too. This is concerning to me because if I want to add the PBuzz to an ensemble, I need it to play relatively in tune. I’m eager to hear what 20 4th and 5th graders sound like when trying to match pitch, not only to find Do (F) but to all play the same pitch.


Challenges: Ouch, my lips hurt and are slightly chapped, but I think that is to be expected. I equate it to the callous formation period you go through when playing ukulele or guitar or any stringed instrument for the first time. I still cannot play in tune much of the time. I have to play with a tuner by my side to make sure that I am playing the correct pitch and playing it in tune. Now this may be user error, but it may also be an innate issue with how to hold the PBuzz. To play in tune, I’m holding it at a 90-degree angle, but to see the slide I have to tilt the PBuzz down, thus causing terrible flatness. I’m making a taller shape in my mouth to combat that, but I don’t know how much I want to go in to all that with children. Just another thing to consider when I begin teaching PBuzz.


I'm excited to see what happens next on my pBuzz adventure!