In May of 2015, Trina Martin, Rhythm Band Instruments' Director of Education, joined 76 fellow NAMM members, National Association of Music Merchants, from around the country for the 2015 NAMM Music Education Advocacy Fly-in. This 3 day event culminated with personal congressional meetings on the hill to support the passage of the senate version of the ESEA Reauthorization Bill, which includes "Music" and "Art" as defined core subjects. On July 16th, the US Senate passed this version and the bill currently sits in conference between the two houses.


Along with discussions regarding the importance of supporting music education, the delegates presented a new NAMM Foundation-funded, nationwide study, " Striking a Chord: The Public’s Hopes and Beliefs for K-12 Music Education in the United States 2015". Through interviews with over 1,000 teachers and 800 parents, the study finds strong support for music education at all grade levels. The vast majority of parents and teachers say music education is “very” or “extremely” important and should continue to be funded, even at the expense of other programs and classes.


 Visit  to download a copy of the study and track the ESEA bill.