KIDSPLAY® 8-Note C Major Diatonic Student Hand Chime Set (RBC8)

KidsPlayProduct Number: RBC8



New and innovative student hand chime set in KIDSPLAY® bell colors!

New and innovative student hand chime set in KIDSPLAY® colors create a beautifully resonant sound while providing a unique alternative to traditional hand bells. With a rounded sound chamber and lightweight materials, these bells are easy to hold and play for extended periods of time. Set included 8 chimes in the diatonic range C-c.


  • KIDSPLAY® colors
  • Play along with KIDSPLAY® bell music and material
  • Marked with note and number
  • Contains 8 notes in diatonic scale
  • Rounded sound chamber
  • Lightweight
  • Resonant sound with beautiful overtones
  • Portable and durable hard-sided flip-top case included

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