Boomwhackers® Beatz Program (Digital Download)

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Teach important musical concepts with Boomwhackers®!

This product is a combination of the Boomwhacker Beatz Song and Games CD and the Boomwhacker Beatz Curriculum Edition DVD. When purchased, we will send you a card with a QR code and a one time use code for downloading the files.

Want to teach Boomwhackers in the music classroom? The Boomwhacker Beatz Program is a great choice for teachers who would like to use their Boomwhackers pitched percussion tubes for music lessons. All you need is a whiteboard or projector hooked up to your computer, and you can play all the animations and games with the children, and they’ll have a wonderful time!

The core program consists of four sections: warm ups, tunes, games and composition. The warm-ups are simple animation where the colorful ‘beatz’ characters jump around on the screen, and the children just have to play their Boomwhacker when their color appears. The tunes are actual pieces you can learn and perform with the children, while the games are designed to carefully teach essential musical skills through such games as the ‘mystery Boomwhacker’ and the ‘music line wizard’. In the composition section the children can actually make artistic choices about pitch, melody and rhythm and construct their own pieces.

This version contains all of the same content as ‘Boomwhacker Beatz Songs and Games and Boomwhacker Beatz Curriculum Edition all in one easily downloaded file. And your cost is less that half of the what the old DVD and CD cost!!



  • Perfect for the music classroom
  • Digital download format Digital accessible via unique QR code
  • Colorful "Beatz" characters that are easy to follow
  • Contains additional complete lesson plans and customizable lessons in SMART notebook and ActiveInspire formats
  • No musical experience necessary (even for the teacher)
  • Actual pieces you can learn and perform
  • Composition section to encourage creativity while learning pitch
    Melody and rhythm
  • Due to the digital nature of this content, it is not eligible for returns
  • Boomwhackers sold separately

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