Tubular Camp Songs, Volume 1 with CD

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Tubular Camp Songs Volume 1: Favorite Traditional Songs for Boomwhackers Musical Tubes

From the Tubular Series by Ellen Foncannon

Each book in this series contains a variety of songs in full Boomwhackers Musical Tube scores with melody, reproducible "EZ" chordal sheets, lyrics pages, and an instrumental CD. This makes it possible for players of different ability levels to perform together.

Enhance the camping experience by promoting team-building, physical activity, and grooving to the beat. This book makes it easy to bring musical games and rhythm to camp. Appropriate for groups of all ages.

  • Includes 22 Favorite traditional songs
  • Songs include: "A Ram Sam Sam," "Ravioli," "Worms," "Baby Bumble Bee," "Apples & Bananas," "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt," "As We Whack Along Together," "Hey Ho Nobody Home," "Make New Friends," "Zum Gali Gali," "Magalena Pagalena," "Grand Old Duke of York," "Calamine Lotion," "Web-Footed Friends," "I'm A Nut," "Hunk o' Tin," "More S'mores," "Junior Birdman," "What Did Delaware Boys?," "The Bubblegum Song," "Oh I Wish," and "Silver Birch Canoe"
  • Performance suggestions
  • CD accompaniment included
  • Set requirements: BWDG C Major Diatonic Set, BWCG Chromatic Add-On Set, and BWJG Bass Diatonic Set (BWEG Treble Extension Set is optional)
  • The bass notes can also be achieved by capping the treble tubes with Octavator Caps (Item # OC8G)

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