Voggenreiter Rhythmic Village Interactive Music Software, Game, & Percussion Set

Rhythm BandProduct Number: VOG-RVPKG



The learning software Rhythmic Village was developed for children to learn and promote rhythm and music reading in a playful way. Both real and digital percussion instruments can be used. The sequences of notes and rhythms are presented in a way that is suitable for children and thus establish a playful connection between children's music-making and traditional musical notation.

In this interactive music game from Voggenreiter, you and your pirate friend visit Rhythmic Village and discover the crazy and happy music notes named “Rhythmiacs“. Play on any device and learn the basics of reading sheet music, playing multiple percussion instruments and improving your sense of rhythm! With the automatic note detection in this app, the software works with the built in microphone on your compatible computer, smartphone or tablet to “listen” to the sound of the instrument being played. Score points and level up using percussion instruments as your game controller! Want to play, but left your drum at home? No problem! Rhythmic Village will work with hand claps or tapping on a table too! Rhythmic Village can also be played without any instrument. (On a tablet or Smartphone, by touch and on a desktop / laptop by using the keyboard.)

Didactic approach:

  • Child-friendly introduction to percussion playing
  • Developed in collaboration with students and already tested by independent teachers
  • Interactive learning system for reading notes and rhythms
  • Amusing story with cute characters
  • 70 rhythmic challenges with increasing difficulty level
  • Aural training through special exercises
  • 16 virtual instruments for exploring and playing
  • Innovative point system motivates to practice
  • For lessons (group or individual) or at home.


  • Includes 1 Jingle Stick, 1 Tom Boy Drum and Beater, 1 Set of Rhythm Sticks and Software Code Card for Rhythmic Village App
  • Real-time recognition of the instrument via microphone
  • Operation: Touchscreen or mouse
  • Available for Windows 7/8/10, iOS (v.10 and higher), Android (v.5.0 and higher, assuming a suitable device) and macOS (10.9 and higher).
  • Languages: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish
  • Each purchase activates up to three devices

Numerous awards:

  • Worldwide 1st place "Educator's choice" by Microsoft Partners in Learning
  • 5 of 5 stars from TOP Best Apps for Kids
  • Golden Bee Award from Beste Kinder Apps

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