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Attention: Anyone Teaching Ukulele, or anyone who would like to teach Ukulele!

An entire program for teaching ukulele in the classroom to cover the first full year of instruction (40 lessons). Includes animated video play-along tracks and step-by-step lesson plans. Recommended for Grades 3-6.

This program is set up in a convenient 40 lesson structure, with elements of chord playing, melody playing, and ensemble. Each lesson has a clear outcome and learning goals, and teachers have the flexibility to add more revision if needed, or skip over material if the class is moving quickly. Each lesson is designed to work for a standard school lesson timeframe; however, teachers can move more quickly through it if they wish to complete the program in less than 40 lessons.


Key Elements of the Fun Music Company Ukulele Curriculum System

The Fun Music Company Chord Learning System

In the Chord Learning System, students will progress through thirty-five different chord playing exercises. Each chord is taught in detail, by itself, before mixing the new chord with already known chords. There is lots of structured repetition, in order to have students really master the skills of each chord.


Step-by-step Lesson Plans Included

Every lesson contains step by step lesson plans and teachers notes. This is aligned to the content on the screen, so you simply choose the lesson on the screen and away you go. You can step through the activities in the lessons with the navigation on the bottom of the screen, or access anything you need from the menus at the side if you need to add more revision for your students.


The Fun Music Company Melody Learning System

The Fun Music Company Melody Learning System consists of a series of 32 structured exercises where students will learn to finger pick melodic patterns on the ukulele. Starting with open strings, students will learn to stay in time through consistent repetition, before learning to place one finger down, then fingers 2, 3 and 4 before moving up the fretboard.


Integrated Worksheets

This program contains 10 carefully created worksheets, designed to back up the students practical learning with theoretical understanding. The worksheets are available as printable PDFs in the members area, and have answered versions built into the classroom presentations, so the teacher can work through them with the students.


Songs and Ensembles

Songs and Ensembles are a critical part of the Fun Music Company Ukulele Curriculum System. This is because we believe that the experience of playing in a musical ensemble is essential for everyone learning the ukulele.


Structured Assessments

The 40 lessons in the program are divided into four sets of 10, and at the end of each 10 week block there is an assessment framework included. Each assessment includes three practical assessment items, so the students have a clear understanding of what they need to complete. There is a rubric included on each assessment page, so that the teacher needs to simply tick in the box so that the student can clearly understand where they need to improve.


Instructional Videos

The Fun Music Company Ukulele Curriculum System doesn’t intend to replace the teacher in the classroom. The teacher has to drive the lessons and keep the students moving through the program. However, if the teacher feels less confident with the technical areas of ukulele playing, such as how to tune the instrument, correct strumming techniques and chord positions, then this program has video instruction to help in those areas. These videos are often very short, containing just what you need and nothing that serves to distract from the core learning of the lesson.


Classroom Whiteboard or Student Workbook... It's up to You!

In the Fun Music Company Ukulele Curriculum System, we have everything provided on screen, so that you simply login to the system on your classroom whiteboard, and away you go! However, we also provide a complete printable student workbook, so that in the situation where you do not have access to a classroom whiteboard, you can instead use printable PDFs for the students. You can even choose to print this student workbook for the students at the start of the course, and they can mark off the exercises as they complete them throughout the program.

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