Toca Percussion Freestyle Colorsound Djembes (TFCDJ-)

Toca PercussionProduct Number: TFCDJ-7MG

Color: Green
Style: Metallic


Lightweight djembes available in metallic and pastel colors!

Toca Percussion is proud of its best-selling Freestyle Colorsound Djembes, a great addition to the Freestyle line of Toca hand drums. Available in seven eye-catching metallic colors and five popping Pastel colors, Freestyle Colorsound Djembes are just 12-1/2” high with a durable 7” synthetic head. Each djembe is made from a seamless lightweight, synthetic shell material, making them ideal for music educators and drum circle enthusiasts. They are available individually or in sets of seven different ‘metallic’ colors.  Lightweight, durable and moisture resistant, they are great for a classroom of students or any gathering.  Freestyle Colorsound Djembes are available at Authorized Toca Percussion Retailers in Metallic Blue, Green, Red, Orange, Yellow, Indigo and Violet.


  • Lightweight, durable construction
  • 12-1/2” tall, seamless synthetic shell
  • Ideal for music educators, drum circles, & players of all ages
  • 7’ diameter synthetic head
  • Nylon rope tuning system
  • Protective rubber bottom
  • Patented design
  • Available individually or as a full set in 7 Metallic colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, & Violet (ROYGBIV color scheme)
  • Also available individually in 5 Pastel colors: Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, & Yellow

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