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Suggested for grades 4-8.

This book is arranged in sequential order, from most basic to complex. The four themes in this book have been chosen by Brad's students, audiences, and Brad, as favorites from the dozens of themes he has arranged for them. When using the CD accompaniments and working on one or two individual parts, the arrangements are useful in a general music class to help demonstrate the elements of music and historical period styles. The primary purpose for arranging these themes for elementary and middle school players is to acquaint students with well-loved and respected melodic themes and give them a hands-on experience in performance. With each arrangement you will find a complete conductor's score, a recording of the full score, and a sketch track recording for help in practice and learning to play the reproducible individual instrument parts. Arrangements include: 1. Pachelbel's Canon (Lite), 2. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, 3. Beethoven's Symphony VII Theme, 4. Beethoven's Symphony V Theme. Created by Bradley Bonner & BLB Studios.

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