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Lollipop Drum® Mallet
Zoo Rhythms Hedgehog Güiro/Tone Block
Güiro Tone Block with Mallet
Triangle Striker
Wrist / Ankle Bells with VelcroWrist / Ankle Bells with Velcro
Boomophone™ XTS Whack PackBoomophone™ XTS Whack Pack
Toca Percussion Freestyle II Shakers (TF2S-)Toca Percussion Freestyle II Shakers (TF2S-)
Boomwhackers® Duffle Bag (BWDB)Boomwhackers® Duffle Bag (BWDB)
RBI Hand DrumsRBI Hand Drums
RBI Hand Drums
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Tubular Patriotic Songs with CD
Games with Rhythm Instruments Book
14" Rhythm Sticks (24 pc.) - both plain
Step Bells C-C Diatonic
Remo Kids Percussion® Floor Tom
Jingle Stick

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