Voggenreiter Flute Master Interactive Music Software Recorder Set

Rhythm BandProduct Number: VOG-FMPKG



Code card (app/learning software) with Aulos A903E Three-piece Student Soprano Recorder

This set contains a code card for the App Flute Master and a recorder with baroque fingering and carrying case. The learning software Flute Master was developed for children to learn recorder playing in a playful way. Flute Master includes 30 songs composed especially for the recorder and lessons with a story, loving animations and characters. The app recognizes the played sounds via the computer's built-in microphone, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Didactic approach:

  • Innovative learning system for finger positioning and note reading
  • 30 music pieces composed exclusively for Flute Master with didactic background (rock, hip hop, reggae, classical music etc.)
  • Steadily increasing degree of difficulty
  • Developed in collaboration with students and tested by independent teachers
  • Playback function for all pieces of music for practice and aural training
  • Integrated color system for note display facilitates note reading
  • For lessons (group or individual) or at home.


  • Real-time recognition of the instrument via microphone
  • Operation: Touchscreen or mouse
  • Recorder fingering: baroque
  • Available for Windows 7/8/10, iOS (v.10 and higher), Android (v.5.0 and higher, assuming a suitable device) and macOS (10.9 and higher).
  • Languages: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish and French

Numerous awards:

  • 1st place worldwide for the "Educator's choice" from Microsoft Partners in Learning
  • APP of the year from Innteach
  • APP Me UP - VIP Best APP from Microsoft Portugal
  • 5 of 5 stars from TOP Best Apps for Kids

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