Recorder Magnetix Notes by Analisa Byrd

Rhythm BandProduct Number: RFN11



Perfect for recorder note displays and using with Boomwhacker color curriculum!

Color-coded to the Boomwhackers, Magnetix are perfect to integrate into your classroom right away! Includes Low C to High D (diatonic), F# and Bb included. 6” x9 ”. Available with full set of Magnetix!

Analisa Salinas Byrd is a firm believer in education. She is from a family of educators and has dedicated her life to music education and bringing a quality musical experience to the children she teaches. Analisa has been an elementary music teacher, kindergarten through fifth grades, for 9 years. She now teaches for the North East Independent School District in San Antonio, Texas.


  • 11 magnetic displays
  • Low C to High D on the Staff
  • Includes F# and Bb accidentals
  • Boomwhacker colored trim
  • 6" x 9"

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