Silvertone 851 "Water-Skier" Concert Ukulele




The Silvertone 851 Hawaiian-scene 'Water Skier' Concert Size Ukulele, originally available from 1956, makes a triumphant return with a brilliant recreation of the 2-color stenciled body. The reissue features an 18-fret fingerboard, mahogany construction, and modern geared tuners, ensuring reliable intonation. The traditional mahogany body and neck, coupled with a Walnut fingerboard, deliver excellent projection and thick, well-defined bass tones, recreating the magic of the original.


• Reissue of the original 1956 Model Concert Ukulele 
• Brilliant 2-color stenciled “Water Skier” graphics
• Traditional Mahogany body and neck
• Features 18-fret, Walnut fingerboard
• Modern geared tuners, ensuring reliable intonation
• Excellent projection and thick well-defined bass tones

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