Toca Sympatico™ Tunable Synthetic Leather Heads (TP-TSSSLT)

Toca PercussionProduct Number: TP-TSSSLT10

Size: 10"


An amazing evolution to its line of lightweight drums, the new Sympatico™ System of tunable and pretend, interchangeable drums and heads have changed how lightweight drums are perceived. And the heads are designed to simply integrate with Toca’s existing line of Freestyle II Nesting Drums including Djembes, Tom-Toms, Djun-Djuns & Ashikos. If you already have one of these instruments, pop on a new Sympatico tunable or pretuned head and bring your playing, your sound, to a whole new level. 

These Sympatico System Fiber Synthetic Leather Tunable Heads provide bass, low tones. They are also available in a Pretuned version. 

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