About Mary

Mary is the founder of Rhythmic Connections, an innovative company advancing education, health, community building, and creative development through drum circles and music improvisation, and has traveled the world for over 35 years inspiring participants to tap into healing and human potential through the transformative power of music. Mary is also a professional musician, recording artist, and published author who works with people of all ages. A sought-after facilitator, trainer, and Orff Schulwerk clinician Mary has long been an endorser of Rhythm Band Instruments.

What is the World Drumming Program?

Since the release of the Toca Freestyle II line of drums, Mary has increasingly used these instruments as part of her repertoire. And with those Toca products as a base, she has created a curriculum course designed for music educators, music therapists and drum circle facilitators to develop and practically apply methods, techniques and practices for leading and engaging students, Pre-K to Grade 5 in creative music performance circles that emphasize improvisation, responsive musicianship, social emotional awareness, student leadership, and community building using body, percussion, voice, drums and small percussion. Central to this course is a World Drumming Kit anchored by Freestyle II Nesting Djembes and Tom-Toms, Toca’s game changing Ashikos. 

What's in the World Drumming Kit?

Toca Freestyle II Nesting Djembes 3pack, Kente (1) - Click for More Info


Toca Freestyle II Nesting Tom-Toms - 12", Kente (1) - Click for More Info
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Toca Freestyle II Nesting Ashiko - 12", Kente (1) - Click for More Info

Toca Freestyle II Nesting Ashiko - 10", Kente (1) - Click for More Info

Toca Lightweight Percussion Stand (4) - Click for More Info


Toca Egg Shakers - Set of 10 (1) - Click for More Info


Boomwhackers 8 Note C Major Diatonic Set with Octavator Caps (1) - Click for More Info

Chroma-Notes 8-Note C Major Diatonic Bell Set (1) - Click for More Info


Rhythm Band 14" Rhythm Sticks Set (14) - Click for More Info 


Available Courses:

University of South Carolina - Click for Info


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