Adapted Instrument Rhythm Set, 15 Players

Rhythm BandProduct Number: SE32



Adapted set for 15 players.
This adapted rhythm instrument set is designed for exceptional students, small children and those with limited mobility. Features large handles and items that are easier to hold.


  • Includes 1- tom tom with mallets
  • 1-5" brass cymbal with mallet (Large Knob)
  • 1-6" traingle set (Large Knob)
  • 2 pairs of sand blocks (Large Knobs)
  • 2 pairs of tap-a-taps (Large Knobs)
  • 1 guiro tone block with mallet
  • 2 pairs of rhythm sticks
  • 3 wrist bells
  • 2 velcro wrist/ankle bells
  • 1 conductor baton
  • 1 "Fun with Rhythm Instruments" book
  • and 1 deluxe container.

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