Aulos "Haka" series Soprano Recorder

AulosProduct Number: A703B

Color: Light Brown


17th century design for a rich, expressive sound with accurate intonation and modern tuning!

This refined, high-quality recorder is based on designs by renowned Baroque instrument maker Richard Haka (1645-1705). Rich, expressive sound with accurate intonation and modern tuning. Three-piece design available in a light brown or beautiful simulated wood grain finish.


  • Available in light brown (A703B) or simulated wood grain (A703BW) finishes
  • Baroque fingering
  • Plays in the key of C
  • 33.0 cm in length
  • Three-piece construction allows for precise intonation
  • Based on designs by Richard Haka
  • Unique instrument with accurate intonation and rich, expressive sound
  • Curved windway
  • Concave bell at the foot joint
  • Patented double joint permits smooth joining with no air leaks
  • Constructed of strong high-class ABS resin
  • Lifetime warranty against plastic breakage
  • Includes simulated leather bag, thumb rest, cleaning rod, & fingering chart

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