Bing Bang Boom Percussion Fun

Rhythm BandProduct Number: BB214RS



14 Player Rhythm Kit with BLB Studios' "Bing, Bang, Boom" interactive CD.
The Bing Bang Boom Rhythm Set helps bring to life eight fun-filled music making experiences. Set includes 1 pair of maracas two jingle taps, two paiirs of finger cymbals, 1 cymbal with mallet, 1 triangle, 1 Tom Boy with mallet, two pairs of rhythm sticks, 2 pairs of sand blocks, 1 pair of tap a taps, and 1 set of cluster bells. The CD includes eight fun-filled music making experiences created by Bradley Bonner, a leading music education consultant, that utilize age-appropriate instruments included in this kit. Items of equal or greater value may be substituted.


  • high quality rhythm instruments for up to 14 players
  • CD with eight music making experiences
  • created by Brad Bonner and BLB Studios

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