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Elementary Music Symbol Cards - Perfect for word and symbol walls!

Like the Vocabulary Cards, these symbol cards are easy to see on the board and work perfect alongside any word wall. Includes 53 symbol cards and 3 blank cards. TEKS 2015 edition.

Patrick R. Lollis is the choir director and piano instructor at the Fine Arts Academy at Alma Martinez Intermediate in Mansfield, TX. His interests include all things musical, pedagogical, technological, and joyful. Mr. Lollis is an active clinician for school districts and TMEA, and is certified by the Feierabend Association of Music Educators (Levels I & II). He holds the BME and MM in Choral Conducting from Oklahoma State University, where he studied with Dirk Garner and Jerry McCoy. His heroes are Fred Rogers and John Feierabend. “My mission is to love and serve young musicians by paving the path we share with humor, beauty, and excellence."


  • 53 symbol cards
  • 3 blank cards
  • Printed on non-fade stock paper
  • Great for Word and Symbol walls
  • Clear design

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