A Tempo El Cajoncito, Various Colors

A Tempo PercussionProduct Number: CJ-CCITO-B1

Select Color: Blue


A Tempo Cajoncitos are perfect for younger players and have a great sound for a little cajon! The Tapa (playing surface) is available in 3 colors: Blue, Yellow, and Red.

A Tempo cajons are all handmade in Peru, the birthplace of the cajon! The Cajoncito (Little Cajon) is a scaled-down, Flamenco-style cajon with traditional, guitar snare wires. At about 3/4 the size of other Peruvian cajons, it is perfect for younger or smaller-stature players. The body is solid Monterey Pine panels with dovetail joints - just like those utilized on A Tempo's professional instruments. Playing and resonant surfaces are made from the same great-sounding, multi-ply Lupuna and Spanish Cedar that we put on our pro instruments. The smaller size fits perfectly in any sized classroom or home!


  • Compact design perfect for younger players and smaller classroom space
  • 3/4 Flamenco-style with traditional snare wires
  • Dovetail joints
  • Monterey Pine panels
  • Natural finish playing surface
  • Also available in a natural finish

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