Non-Tunable Conga

Rhythm BandProduct Number: RB1308



A non-tunable cone congo.
These non-tunable conga drums come in regular size cone conga. 19 1/2" high with 6 1/2" diameter calf skin head. It's durable hardwood construction produces an excellent tone. Complete with strap. Introduce your students to this new playing technique for Conga, Djembe, Doumbek and all types of Hand Drums. Includes open tone, bass tone and muffled tones. YOu can use each new technique in a call and response activity. Or, incorporate each new technique with some inspiring musical play-along tracks that are infectious and will have everyone wanting to join in! You can even create rhythms of your own. Many of the tracks are based on familiar songs and provide a sing-along opportunity as well. Perfect for any classroom for teaching or just for fun!

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