Sound Shapes® Circle Pack, set of 5

RemoProduct Number: SS-1000-05



Please note: This product is currently not in production by the manufacturer. The manufacturer does intend to relaunch production of Sound Shapes products sometime during the year 2023, but they have not provided a specific time frame yet.

The Sound Shapes® Circle Pack features five circular shapes in different diameters and colors with specific pre-tuned pitch relationships. Constructed with Acousticon® shell material, the Sound Sound Shapes® Circle Pack provides a wide range of five tones which can be manipulated for a variety of effects. Sound Shapes® are easily stored, portable and stackable. Ideal for Recreational and educational applications. Available in 5-piece Circle Packs consisting of sizes: 6", 8.25", 10.5", 12.75", & 15". Circles in random colors. Beaters and mallets included.

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