Soundbellows® 8-Note C Major Diatonic Set, Basic (SBS-DB)

Reinhardt GmbHProduct Number: SBS-DB



A brand-new addition to our Boomwhackers® and CHROMA-NOTES® family! These tuned squeezes match the color schemes of our other Boomwhackers® and CHROMA-NOTES® products.

Soundbellows® close a gap in educational instruments used for making music in the classroom. The "handy" instruments ideally complement Orff instruments and Boomwhackers®, two of the most dynamic names in modern music teaching. By using small bellows to generate sound, this instrument is suitable for every age group, and you can start making music right away! Differentiated playing with varying sound lengths and volume levels is an important quality in making music with Soundbellows®. Group play of the Soundbellows® provide a unique additional timbre to a musical arrangement for several instrument groups. Even Soundbellows® alone as a homogeneous body of sound can produce a pleasant musical outcome. This set includes eight Soundbellows® in a C Major Diatonic Scale plus a mesh carrying bag -- the "basic" octave is the best place to start!

  • Set includes (8) Soundbellows: C''-C'''
  • Joyful playing for the young and old
  • Produces different sound lengths and intensities
  • Intuitive handling
  • Ideal for music education and therapy
  • Mesh carrying bag included with diatonic sets
  • Get the SBS-CB 5-Note Chromatic Extension Basic Set to make a chromatic octave, and the SBS-DH 8-Note C Major Diatonic High Set (both sold separately) to add a higher diatonic octave!

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