Soundbellows® 5-Note Jumbo Chromatic Extension Set Low C#'-A#' (SBS-JCL)

Reinhardt GmbHProduct Number: SBS-JCL



A member of our Boomwhackers® and CHROMA-NOTES® family! These tuned squeezes match the color schemes of our other Boomwhackers® and CHROMA-NOTES® products.

Tuned Squeezes, chromatic addition, Tones: C#‘/Db‘/ D#‘/Eb‘/ F#‘/Gb‘/ G#‘/Ab‘/ A#‘/Bb‘, intuitive playing technique, possible to play long and short tone lengths, self-explanatory color-code, possible to play a very dynamic style, robust and durable, easy to transport, easy to clean

  • Set includes (5) Jumbo Soundbellows: C#'-A#'
  • Joyful playing for the young and old
  • Produces different sound lengths and intensities
  • Intuitive handling
  • Ideal for music education and therapy
  • Mesh Carry Bag Included

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