Toca Percussion Freestyle II Nesting Djun Djuns (TF2NDD-)

Toca PercussionProduct Number: TF2NDD-16K

Color: Kente Cloth
Size: 16"


Toca Percussion's Freestyle II Nesting Djun Djuns are unique, PVC drums similar to the Toca Freestyle djembes with an added feature: the durable, synthetic heads can be removed and played like a frame drum! The drums are also stackable, making them ideal for storage and travel! Available in Woodstock Purple (WP) or Kente Cloth (K) finish. Drum sizes 12", 14", and 16" available individually or in a set of 3 (TF2NDD-3PC*).

These drums are perfect for youngsters, classrooms, drum circles, and music therapy sessions. Plus, their durable PVC shells are lighter in weight than wood, are easier to clean, and project thunderous tones that are perfectly suited for any curious beginner seeking a gateway into the world of rhythm. Each Freestyle II Nesting Djun-Djun includes a pair of mallets whose shaft matches the color of the drum shell and is supplied with a full carrying harness to enable the user to play while standing or walking.


  • Lightweight & Durable PVC Body
  • Reinforced synthetic heads
  • Heads can be removed and played like hand drums
  • Djun Djuns can stack inside each other
  • Sizes: 12", 14”, & 16”
  • Available individually or in a set of 3 sizes
  • Woodstock Purple or Kente Cloth finish
  • Carrying harness and mallets included with each drum
  • Replacement heads available

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