Totally Tubular Volume 1 with CD

BoomwhackersProduct Number: EFT1



Totally Tubular Volume 1: Games and Activities for Boomwhackers Musical Tubes

From the Totally Tubular Series by Ellen Foncannon

This series is for all ages. Many of the games and activities are also suitable for P.E. They can be used in classrooms, team building sessions, and just to have fun!

An innovative teaching and group activity package for use with Boomwhackers Musical Tubes. Jam-packed with 31 fun-filled games incorporating music, drama, and movement, with a coordinating CD of music to use for 8 of the games. Organized into sections, each section is progressively more difficult than the last. Each game lists the tubes needed, number of players needed, related CD tracks (when applicable), objectives, pre-game prep, directions, and discover questions. Some games also list possible variations. Most of the activities use the diatonic set of Boomwhackers (Item # BWDG). One activity needs the chromatic set (BWCG), and one activity needs the bass diatonic set (BWJG). Many activities use any available tubes, or use multiple sets of matching tubes. Includes CD and Transformer game card templates. Appropriate for any age.

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