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Totally Tubular "Whactive!" Book with CD
Totally Tubular Volume 2 with CD
Tubular Camp Songs, Volume 1 with CD
Animated Boomwhackers, Volume 2 DVDAnimated Boomwhackers, Volume 2 DVD
Bing! Bang! Boom! CD
Joyful Hymns for Two Octave Handbells
Swingin' Recorders, by Ken Harris
Boomwhackers® Gift Set (BWGS)Boomwhackers® Gift Set (BWGS)
Ukulele in the Classroom CD for Book 3
Ukulele in the Classroom CD for Book 1
Sounds for success
Sound Shape® Playbook with CDSound Shape® Playbook with CD
Rhythm Party Sound Shapes DVD
Rhythm Party Hand Drums DVD
Rhythm Clock Classroom SetRhythm Clock Classroom Set
Recorder Karate 2 - Kit with CDRecorder Karate 2 - Kit with CD
Recorder Express, Accompaniment CD

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